5 Best Article Rewriter Tool For Affiliate (Free & Paid)

Are you head over heels in the search of the best article rewriter tool for affiliates? If so, then stop right there as we have something that can fulfill your needs. In this article, we are going to discuss the best paraphrasing tool that can help you generate unique content.

But before moving forward, let’s put a glance at content paraphrasing services and why there is a need for article rewriter tools.

Introductory Glance Upon Best Article Rewriter Tool For Affiliate

According to recent stats, it has been said that the blogging industry is prevailing and content creation is becoming top notch service. But writing down every single content can be a lot if you have so much on your plate.

This is why newbie or emerging bloggers lookout for services that can help us in creating plagiarism free content. And the very first question which pops in our head is which is the most accurate and precise way to rewrite this sentence. So here is the answer, a tool which changes the sentence without changing the meaning.

But finding the right rewording or article rewriter tool is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

Well! Not anymore! We have hunkered down the best article rewriter tool for affiliate available in the market. Later in this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of all the tools and how it can help you in building high-quality content.

Above all, the good thing about the rewording tool is that it doesn’t lose the essence of content anywhere in the process of creating content.

What Are Article Rewriter Tools?

Basically, an article rewriter tool is that helps in generating content automatically without putting much manual effort. It involves the use of software to result in high-quality content.

The idea behind creating content rewriting tools or article rewriter tools is to help create plagiarism free content. These tools use an automated programming language to create articles in minutes.

However most of us doubt whether online paraphrasing tools to rewrite content are worth a try or not? The answer to that question is pretty simple, if it is used properly then the result can amaze you.

How Does an Article Rewriter Tool Work?

Now come to the most important part which is how to make a spinner step by step or how to use an article spinner tool to rewrite an article. And to be very honest, using paraphrasing tools is quite simple and doesn’t require much effort. To make the most out of the tool, it is preferred to use the best article rewriter tool for affiliate or bloggers available in the market which we have listed later in this blog post.

So, all you have to do is paste your content in the tool and hit enter. Now wait for sometime as it will take time to analyze the content then it will generate the whole new content.

Not just this, you can upload any document in the tool and generate whole new content. Spinning content that is readable to humans and has great meaning requires dedication and quality amount of time.

Does Using an Article Rewriter Affect Google SEO?

Most of us worry about whether article rewriter affects Google SEO or not. So, the answer is quite simple. It has been said that the free article spinner tool doesn’t have an affect on SEO but paid affect the SEO in good way. It creates high-quality content that Google prefers.

List of Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools and Software

The question like “Which article spinner get readable and unique content” or “Which tool is best for article rewrite” are quite common among users. This is why we to ease the whole process, we jot down the list of best article spinners and rewrite app for affiliate.

Not just this, we listed the tool that can end queries like What is the best article spinning software for a Mac too.

1. Spin Rewriter – Best Article Paraphrasing Tool

Spin Rewriter - Best Article Paraphrasing Tool

The topmost in our list is Spin Rewriter which is one of the best article paraphrasing tools that use ENL technology. The software is designed for SEO specialists or enthusiasts that demand high-quality content to rank on Google.

Not only this, you can also create high quality rankable content in minutes using Spin Rewriter. This is why it has 158K+ active users. This tool helps in bringing organic traffic on your website. Moreover, the software comes up with free trials. So our suggestion here is try its free trial first to explore the features before purchasing it. Also, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Features of Spin Rewriter:

Stock Photo Integration – Using stock photo integration, you can add public domain images to your content.
Bulk Article Spinning – You can bulk spin using the software.
Works on all Devices – The tool built on cloud technology, it means you can operate it on any device without any difficulty.
Paragraph Creation – It extracts data and creates a whole new paragraph.
Mass Export – With the help of mass export feature, you can generate 1000 of variations in a single go.


Monthly – The monthly plan will cost $47 a month.
Yearly – Further, the yearly plan costs $197 a year.
Lifetime – Lastly, the lifetime plan cost one time $497 payment.

2. WordAi – Affordable Article Rewriter Tool

WordAi - Affordable Article Rewriter Tool

The second software in our list is WordAi, one of the best article rewriter tool for affiliate that creates human quality content in a matter of time. As the name suggested, the software uses artificial intelligence to spin the article and create quality human content from scratch.

Before spinning, it gathers the specifics and information about the article. In a nutshell, you can say that this software saves countless hours spent on article writing.

Plus, it offers a free 3 day trial of software.

Features of WordAi

Bulk Spinning – The software offers bulk spinning in a single go.
Supports Different Languages – Other than English, it supports Spanish, French, and Italian. Using it you can create content in foreign languages too.
Article Forge – Link your article forge account and generate high-quality content in minutes.
Paragraph and List Spinning – The only tool that is capable of reconstructing quality lists and paragraphs in a matter of time.
HTML Spinning – You can spin and edit HTML in the software editor itself.
Title Spinning – The tool generates relevant titles by analyzing your content.


Monthly Turing Plan – The monthly turing plan will cost $49.95 per month.
Turing Yearly Plan – The yearly plan will cost $347 per year
Heavy API User – Finally, the last plan is heavy API uses for businesses with vast needs. For that they charge $2 per 10,000 words.

3. Spinner Chief – Best Article Spinner Software

Spinner Chief - Best Article Spinner Software

The next in our list is Spinner Chief which is known as the best article spinner software that uses both natural language analysis and artificial intelligence to create quality content. It doesn’t require any rocket science, just one click and your article is ready.

The software approaches organic methods that can go with any business needs. Not just this , it follows Statistical Replacement Technology(SRT) which has the same approach like Google translate.

Features of Spinner Chief

Human Quality Content – The tool results in human quality content with proper grammar and meaning makes it versatile for business usage.
Cloud Technology – The tool has thesaurus on the cloud, everyday users submit synonyms on the cloud. This is why it offers the best result for your spin.
Multiple Languages – It supports spinning in more than 20+ languages.
Desktop and Web Version – The software has both desktop and web versions. You can use it anywhere according to your convenience.
Customize Sentence – Using it you can customize paragraphs or sentences and apply some auto-spin rules to generate better results.
SpinnerChief API – Using SpinnerChief API, you can get access to tools in third parties applications too.


Free Version – The free version comes up with basic spinning.
Elite Version – Further, the elite version offers basic NLP, AI and grammar checker that costs one time $175 fee.
Ultimate Version – Moreover, in the ultimate version, one can get custom grammar and all advanced features for a $271 one-time fee.
Team Version – Finally, in the team version, multiple users get access to all the features for $547 one time fee.

4. Chimp Rewriter – Flexible Article Rewriter Software

Chimp Rewriter - Flexible Article Rewriter Software

The following software which we are going to disclose is Chimp Rewriter, it is one of the flexible article rewriter software that uses NLP technology. Basically, Natural language processing helps users to analyze content at a fast speed.

So, it won’t be bad if you say that the software is your assistant writer that creates high quality SEO contents in seconds. Also, they have 100% money back guarantee.

Features of Chimp Rewriter

Amazing Guide – Most users find difficulty in operating Chimp Rewriter. This is why they provide an amazing guide for article spinning and rewriting.
Article Pack-It offers a massive PLR article pack to generate ideas to create original and high-quality content for your website.
Second License – The tool comes up with a second license that can be used easily on another computer.
Multiple Languages – Using Chimp Rewriter, one can spin the content in multiple languages.
Integration – With its handy API, you can easily integrate tools with any software in minutes.


Monthly – The monthly plan costs $15 per month.
Yearly – The yearly plan costs $99 per year.

5. Spinbot – Best Free Article Spinner Tool

Spinbot - Best Free Article Spinner Tool

Lastly, we are going to put light on Spinbot, also known as a free article spinner tool. It is one of the free content rewriting tools that can create human-readable content in minutes. You can easily rephrase a sentence using an online tool. However, this tool does not use any artificial intelligence techniques to understand the meaning of sentences before spinning.

Alongwith free version they offer a paid version too that doesn’t have any ads.

Features of Spinbot

Lightning Fast – The tool offers lightning-fast speed for high-quality content creation. Spin unlimited content using the tool.
One-Click Article Rewriter – It is very easy to spin the article using Spinbot using one click. All you have to do is paste the content in the tool and wait for some time to get results.
No Sign-Ups – One of the good things about this free paraphrasing tool is there are no requirements of sign up or registration. One can use it directly.
Additional textual content – It creates content that is readable and meaningful.


For Browser – The minimum plan will cost $10 for 1 month, whereas for a year it will cost $75.
For App/Website – The second plan is for app and website. Here you have to pay as per your spin. The minimum plan will cost $5 for 1000 credits.


That’s it! This is our catch on the best article rewriter tool for affiliate. With the help of this tool, you can create high-quality plagiarism free content within minutes. However, we know how overwhelming can be a process of picking the best rewording tool. So, the best option here is to give the aforementioned tools at least a try.

Just go through all the software and pick the one which suits your business requirement.

Also, you can hit us with your queries in the comments section.

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