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Singing is the best way to boost your mood. But if a person does not know the lyrics of the songs, then singing can become challenging for them. Karaoke software will not only give you the lyrics of the songs, but it also gives background music for you.

Karaoke software allows you to sing your favorite songs without seeing the lyrics on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You have to install the karaoke software on your device and plug the mic into the device and enjoy your karaoke.

Karaoke was launched in 1970, and it was massive equipment at that time. But, now it has become common, and there is uncountable software available in the market. Therefore, it is hard to choose best professional karaoke software in 2022. 

Well, don’t worry, because, in this article, you will get a list of the best karaoke software of 2022.

What are the Best Free Karaoke Software of 2022?

1. PCDJ Karaoke Software

PCDJ Karaoke is one of the most demanded and advanced karaoke tools as it comes with lots of exciting features. Unfortunately, PCDJ is only supported on Windows devices, including Windows PC and laptops. 

The interface of this software is user-friendly, and anyone can use this software easily. This software allows you to add songs and edit to play options. You will also get several features like a drag and drop feature, color display, color configuration feature, etc. 

Furthermore, it also offers a history of the previously played songs. Therefore, it is one of the best highly recommended free karaoke software for windows.

PCDJ Karaoke Software - Best Free Karaoke Software

Besides, PCDJ Software also has some premium features like 4 deck premium mixing, mixed audio files, and more. You have to purchase the plan of this software to access its premium features. PCDJ software offers three plans which are mentioned below-

  1. DEX 3- The price of the DEX 3 plan is $149. You will get several premium features like 4 Deck premium mixing, karaoke with singers list, etc.
  1. DEX 3 RE- The price of this plan is $29. You will get many exclusive features, including essential karaoke support, mixed audio files, key lock, and much more, along with this plan.
  2. LYRX- The cost of this software is $79.95. Pro karaoke hosting, automatic filter music player, advanced singers rotation, and many more will give you along with this plan.

2. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is another software on our professional karaoke software list. It is specially designed for Windows PC and laptops. In addition, KaraFun Player is a software that offers more than 28000 collections in cloud storage. 

Moreover, you can also view the history of the previously played songs, which makes it easy to find your previously played songs. It also allows you to sync your favorite songs offline to sing them without the internet. 

Apart from these, KaraFun also offers several features, including a dual-screen display, custom keys and tempo, and more for free.

This is not an end; KaraFun Player also offers a premium plan that provides several premium features, including up to 10,000 offline songs, single management, and more. The price of the premium plan is $9.99 per month. However, you can access the basic features of this software for free on your Windows device. That is why KaraFun Player holds the position on our list of the best free karaoke software for windows.

KaraFun Player - Best Free Karaoke Software

3. Karaoke One

Karaoke one is also an excellent karaoke software which is why it holds a position on this list. You can access this software on Windows PC. It offers various exciting features like interacting with other singers, sharing your talent, etc. And the best part is, that karaoke One is entirely free-to-use software, which means you can access all its features for free. 

It can play collections in various formats, including AVI, MP3, WMA, etc. This software is officially available on the Windows store.

Karaoke One - Free Karaoke Software

The best feature of Karaoke One is, that you can make a video of yourself while singing, and you can share that video with the users of Karaoke one to get feedback. This karaoke software also gives you the option to hide your face from the video. This software is best for beginner Karaoke lovers as the interface is beginner-friendly. That is why it is present on our best free karaoke software list.

4. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto karaoke is also one of the best free karaoke software for mac. Other than Mac devices, this karaoke software is also supported on Windows devices. In addition, you can access basic features like midi to MP3, sing recording, etc. 

Kanto karaoke software supports all videos and audio formats so that you can import and export them without any file converter. You can also record your entire performance in video format. 

Moreover, you can also convert your system into a professional arrangement with this karaoke software as it gives a microphone setting with superior quality audio input and output. 

Besides these features, Kanto karaoke also offers several features, including fade effects, changing the song’s pitch and tempo, and much more. That is why it is considered professional karaoke software.

Kanto Karaoke - Professional Karaoke Software

Additionally, you can also purchase premium plans of Kanto software to access its premium features like live performance management, editing audio setting, and more. Kanto software offers two paid plans. The detail of premium plans are mentioned below-

  • Standard version – The standard version price is 49 dollars per month. With this standard version plan, you can access several features, such as live performance management, a license valid for one device, edit audio settings, a free update for three years, and much more
  • Professional version – The professional version plan is specially built for experienced users. The price of this plan is 69.95 dollars. With this plan, you will get a license valid for 3 PC Windows, professional use, background effects, singers rotation list, etc.

 5. Karaoke Surgeon

Karaoke surgeon is another one of the best karaoke software in the software market. This karaoke software is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. With this software, you can open different files, including videos, audio, and karaoke files. You can also modify the key and tempo of the karaoke files simultaneously with the karaoke surgeon.

Karaoke Surgeon allows you to change EQ from a built-in 31 bands. It also uses formant preservation to reduce munchkin sound that can be developed with critical audio changes. This karaoke software also has many other features, like a high-quality audio algorithm.

Karaoke Surgeon gives 4 hours of free trial to their new users. Then, you can purchase version 1 for 69.95 dollars to access all features of this karaoke software. In addition, you will get a license with two machines for the same OS and one year of free support with this plan.

Karaoke Surgeon - Karaoke Software

6. TunePrompter

TunePrompter is one of the best free karaoke software for PC. This karaoke software supports both Windows and Mac devices. Furthermore, it is entirely free to use karaoke software.

You can access all features like creating a karaoke tune and downloading custom videos for free means you do not have to pay to use this software. In addition, you can also create your karaoke tune with this karaoke software.

You can then share these versions online. With this karaoke software, one can easily download custom videos. This software also allows you to turn your song or tune into an audio or video CD.

TunePrompter also allows you to import and export your recording to several devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc. In addition, this karaoke software also has an auto search lyric that saves your time. These features are the reason for the consideration of this software as another best free karaoke software for mac.


Here comes the end of the list of the best free karaoke software of 2022. All karaoke software mentioned in this list is free to use.

You can use the basic features of all karaoke software for free. In addition, some software is compatible with only Windows devices, and some are compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your karaoke party with the karaoke software mentioned above.

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