3 Best Streaming Software – Free & Paid

You must be well aware of people transiting from the actual world to a digital one. This transition has become so high, as we are broadcasting ourselves online globally in order to reach more audiences. The streaming software is a one-stop solution to all your problems. Whether you’re a business owner who is new to live streaming or a content creator, we have got everything you might need to know about the three best streaming software out there:

Best Streaming Software Comparison

Product NameFeaturesPricing
OneStream LivePre-Record Schedule for Live Streaming up to 60 Days Before
Multicasting Over 40+ Platforms
Cloud Storage Integration
Custom RTMP Streaming
Captions / Subtitles
Real-time Streaming
Team Management
Playlist Streaming
Social Media Streaming
Embed Player
No Software Installations
Different Upload Options
Unified Chat
$89 monthly
RestreamMulticasting Over 30 Social Platforms
Inviting Guests
Playing Video on-Stream
Interacting With Chat
Screen Sharing
Adding Captions
Visual Customization
Split Track Recordings
RTMP Source
Editing Titles
Live Stream Customization Options
Full HD streaming
Copyright-free Background Music
Offers Interaction While Real-Time Streaming
$41 monthly
Streamlabs OBSMultistream
Set Up A Streamlabs Tip Page
Multicast Across Various Platforms as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook
Cloud-Based Open-Source Software with Themed Layouts

What is Streaming Software?

Streaming software refers to the streaming of audio/video over the internet. Streaming in the virtual world has become a big thing in the present time. The streaming software is encoded file transfer programs that convert audio/ video files to digital form so that they can be transferred to various devices. The sole purpose of streaming software is Encoding and Production.

  • Encoding – These broadcasting software use video encoding techniques to convert their video into a digital form that makes it easy to transfer video files. Broadcasting software is also responsible for video transcoding.
  • Production – Once encoding is done, the next comes mixing and production of the video. This process involves selecting and displaying multiple sources while broadcasting.

How to Choose The Best Streaming Software?

The rise in the use of streaming software has brought competition among the platforms as well. When you would look online for streaming software you will find a lot of options available for the same. To choose the most preferable one for you, look for the following characteristics:


The Real-Time Multimedia Protocol, or RTMP, is used for the majority of streaming. Most online streaming software will work with social networks and streaming websites. However, if you’re using a different content delivery network, make sure the streaming software doesn’t have any server ingest compatibility issues.

Explore the features

One of the cons of this digital world is that it changes every coming day. You will be offered something new and better in every update that penetrates in. Before you get handy on any of these, there might be a better version with better improvements waiting for you. So, before making a choice as the best streaming software for you, research and analyze your requirements well. 

List of Best Streaming Software

1. OneStream LiveTop Streaming Software

OneStream Live is one of the best platforms on the list. This software goes the same as its name. You can go live or pre-record your videos, choose a date and time, and select your streaming platforms. With the ability to stream over 40 social platforms that include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, here are some of the advanced features offered by this real-time streaming software.

Moreover, OneStream Live has it all in terms of functionality, including streaming analytics, advanced scheduling options, cloud storage integration, and much more. But what truly distinguishes OneStream Live is its ability to live stream pre-recorded videos across multiple platforms.

Onestream - Best overall streaming software

Features of OneStream

  • Installation of any software for streaming is not required.
  • Queue your videos in any preferred order of your choice and stream them as a playlist.
  • You can save your time and bandwidth by importing your videos from any cloud storage.
  • You can add subtitles/captions to your pre-recorded videos using SRT files. 
  • You can share your platform with your team members to collaborate for a successful live stream.

Pricing Of OneStream

  • Access to 3 social accounts with 5 GB file storage at $10 monthly under the basic plan.
  • Access to 25 social accounts with 20 GB file storage at $39 monthly under the standard plan.
  • Access to 50 social accounts with 50 GB file storage at $89 monthly under the special plan.

2. RestreamStreaming Software

Restream Studio is an innovative, professional live streaming solution that allows you to broadcast your live video to various popular streaming sites such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, and more. It doesn’t require any third-party software or applications; it works right on your browser.

Furthermore, it also allows creating multiple channels and toggle through them while you are online. This cloud-based streaming software also helps you promote and analyze your online broadcasts. Some of the advanced features alongside its pricing is enlisted below: 

Restream - Best Streaming Software

Features of Restream – 

  • You can stream your pre-recorded videos live.
  • Restream offers to announce your stream in advance for Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. 
  • You can interact with your live audience.
  • It allows you to analyze your peak time, total view counts and most engaged part of your online stream.
  • Restream automatically notifies viewers on Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.

Pricing of Restream –

Restream offers its plans for both individuals and companies separately. You can look up to any of the mentioned plans as per your need.

  1. For individuals
  • Free plan for multistreaming.
  • Standard plan with the custom channel at $16 monthly (billed as $190 annually)
  • Professional plan at $41 monthly (billed as $490 annually)
  1. For companies
  • Premium plan at $83 monthly (billed as $249 annually)
  • The business plan at $249  monthly (billed as $2990 annually)

3. Streamlabs OBS Best Streaming Software Free

Streamable OBS is a free, open-source platform for online streaming. Offering numerous stream overlays and templates, this cloud-based software offers various other features that would ace up your live streaming.

Streamlabs - Live Streaming Software

Features of Streamlabs OBS – 

  • Easy to use with “Go Live” and “Record” buttons.
  • It has an app store of its own that would help you enhance your stream.
  • You can keep an eye on your viewer’s count and new subscribers of your live streams.
  • It has a themed visual layout.
  • You can multicast across various platforms as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Pricing of Streamlabs OBS – 

Although the open-source software is free for use, it offers a premium plan at $12 monthly (billed annually) for professionals. It offers free apps, custom domains, professional themes, and mobile streaming as well. 

FAQs Related To Best Streaming Software

What software do streamers use to stream?

OneStream Live tops the list among the streaming choices for streamers. Offering various features such as pre-recording, queuing your videos and availability of multicasting over 40+ social platforms, OneStream Live emerges as a preferable choice at an affordable price for streams.

Is there anything better than OBS?

OBS being free is mostly preferred by beginners but Restream Studio on the other hand is far better. Restream is a cloud-based streaming software that lets you stream over 30 platforms. Restream Studio also lets you to invite guests directly to the stream, play local video files, share your screen with the audience, and more.

What is needed to start streaming?

Being a beginner in the streaming world doesn’t require much to fit in. All you need is a good camera, a microphone, a good internet connection, and a PC for your streaming software to run.

Is my PC good enough to stream?

You can either switch to Mac or go with any good computer with Windows 7 or later. As for the technical specification, an Intel Core i5 processor or an AMD of the same with 8 GB RAM is recommended by Twitch.

Do I need a GPU for streaming PC?

Streaming doesn’t require a higher amount of graphics than a gaming PC would need. So a GPU is not required.

How much RAM do I need for streaming?

A PC with 8 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 processor, and Windows 7 or newer is preferred for streaming.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our discussion of the three top live streaming software. We live in a virtual world at present, and we are shifting ourselves more via social platforms through real-time streaming. So, before choosing the one that suits you the best, sort out all your requirements and go with the desired one that fulfils your needs.

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