DesignCap Review: MUST Read Before Buying!

The days when we had no choice but to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to satisfy our graphic design needs are gone. Today, a ton of software and tools are available online with many built-in features that do our work smoothly.

If you are looking for an online graphic design program, you won’t find a better website than DesignCap. DesignCap is a great and easy-to-use site with many ready-made templates to help you create your project.

DesignCap has some excellent features. In the DesignCap Review, I will talk about the features of DesignCap, and I will also talk about how to use the tool to create infographics, banners, posters, and some other graphic designs.

DesignCap Review – What is DesignCap?

DesignCap Review

DesignCap is a web-based graphic design program that helps people and organizations of all levels create professional-looking social media posts, infographics, charts, banners, invitation cards, brochures, posters, and covers. In addition, DesignCap eliminates hiring graphic designers at a high financial price.

With the DesignCap tool, the costs of designing and creating professional graphic designs are dramatically reduced. In addition, it gives users a wide range of ready-made ad banners and templates that they can easily personalize and modify using elements such as images, fonts, colors, and more.

DesignCap Features

  • Thousands of templates are ready for direct use.
  • Millions of free images, icons, fonts, shapes, etc.
  • Upload your photos from your local computer. 
  • Present business data to your clients via visualized charts.
  • Ability to save your images in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
  • You can save your project to work on it later.
Features of DesignCap - DesignCap Review

DesignCap Review – How is DesignCap used?

First, open the DesignCap website to register and create your DesignCap account. Then, click the register button ( Sign-Up) in the upper right.

Enter your email and choose your password. Remember to confirm your account from your email. You can also log in with Facebook or a Google account to log in faster.

After activating and confirming your account, go to the main DesignCap page. Click Get Started Now.

You will find the templates section on the next page, with thousands of ready-made templates that you can add to your project. The templates look professional and are suitable for most users.

Add photos

You can add free images on DesignCap. Search for any elements, and you will get millions of photos as those images are highly incredible.

You can crop and resize the image for each photo you add, duplicate it, flip it vertically or horizontally, move it up or down layers, apply filters to the image, adjust opacity, exposure, brightness, etc., contrast saturation and hue.

Ready-made templates and image availability are my favorite reasons for recommending DesignCap, as an online graphic design program.

Add texts

When adding text, you can choose to enter a title, subtitle, or body text. In addition, you have the option to change its color and font.

Add a background

You can add whatever background you want to the design by using one predefined background. Of course, it offers you the choice to choose any style and change the color later.

Add graphics or modules

Add Graphics or Modules - DesignCap Review

Many preset modules like timelines, diagrams, and timelines primarily combine icons or images with text. Plus, you’ll find preset line charts, table charts, column charts, and more to use. With a single click, you can use them for your designs, saving time and effort.

Save your designs

DesignCap provides multiple ways to save and download your graphics.

When you download your design, click the “Download” button at the top and choose JPG, PNG, or PDF as the download option. If you want a PNG, you will be given the option to keep the images with a transparent background. This option is convenient if you are creating a logo and need a transparent background.

Share your graphics

Anyway, if you are going to share your design on social media, you can do it directly from DesignCap, using the Share button.

DesignCap offers the ability to share photos via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

DesignCap also gives you the option to print your design directly by clicking the Print button.

Save your project

Finally, if you want to keep your project for future editing, you can make it by clicking the Save button.

After you save your project, you are able to work on it at any time and modify it by clicking the My Designs option.

Pricing of DesignCap Review

DesignCap is a freemium graphic designing tool. Its premium plan starts at $ 4.99/month.

For the latest pricing details, please check their official website.

What Do I Think?

Ultimately, DesignCap is one of the best tools, allowing you to create professional designs. DesignCap has a wide range of ready-made images and templates that you can use in your project to create amazing results. Are you looking for a tool to create graphics online? I will recommend DesignCap.

Lastly, if you liked this in depth DesignCap Review, then please share your valuable feedbacks in the comment section below.

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