DesignEvo Review 2021: Is DesignEvo Worth it for Small Businesses?

DesignEvo logo maker has become the No. 1 logo-making tool for many business people. In case you are already heard of DesignEvo, you know what I’m saying. 

It’s easy to understand and use with no learning curve, even if you have no design skills at all. I love DesignEvo because it offers various logo templates, text fonts, and icons to effortlessly create a professional logo design. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable tool to make a brand logo for your business or social media profiles, or if you just want to know what DesignEvo gives you precisely, this DesignEvo review is for you.

Is DesignEvo Worth It For Small Businesses?

Designevo review

I’m using DesignEvo to make logos for all our websites, social media profiles, and all of our marketing materials. Being an amateur graphic designer, I’m quite pleased with the final logo designs so far.

So I want to write a DesignEvo review for you!

In this post guide, I’ll give you an overview of the DesignEvo features, the amount DesignEvo really costs, and if we can utilize it for free.

In the end, you will know if an upgrade to DesignEvo is worth it for your business!

DesignEvo Features

If you haven’t used DesignEvo yet, take a look at its features here.

Designevo features
  1. Access to their 10,000+ ready-made logo designs. 
  2. Access to 1 million icons. 
  3. Access to 100+ stylish fonts.
  4. Save your logo design as a project for re-editing next time.
  5. Freely adjust the elements to your liking by changing the icon, shape, color, font, etc. 
  6. Download your logo to different image formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG.
  7. Preview the logo on the product such as website, notebook, T-shirt, etc.
  8. Download your logo at high resolution, even for printing. 

Don’t want to create your logo designs from scratch? Choose from DesignEvo’s premade templates to speed up the process.

DesignEvo Review – How Much is DesignEvo?

After going through its feature list, you might be thinking about how much it costs to create a logo with DesignEvo. Actually, it’s quite reasonable! DesignEvo’s pricing options are transparent and exceptionally affordable for small businesses.

If you make a great deal of logo design works yourself for sale, or just create logos for your video game, websites, YouTube profiles, marketing media kits, DesignEvo can be a brilliant choice.

  • DesignEvo Basic 

$24.99 for a logo project with which you can save your logo for unlimited edits and download them up to 5000 PX resolution.

  • DesignEvo Plus

DesignEvo Plus is $49.99 per logo project. With this paid logo package, you can save your design into account for unlimited edits and download the SVG file for printing without worrying about any quality loss. Besides, you can also download JPG, PNG, transparent PNG, PDF, and font files. What the best, it offers copyright ownership using this paid package.  

Can You Use DesignEvo For Free?

The short answer is: Yes.

Still, you can use DesignEvo to make a logo for Free by enjoying all the templates and art resources. However, with its free package, you can only download your logo with a low resolution which is limited to 300 PX.

But for a mobile app logo or some website uses, it’s enough. If you want a higher resolution, use it paid plan. Believe that your business is worth a good logo with high resolution. 


If you are a small startup owner and you’re doing a new logo to give your growing-up business a new look yourself, then DesignEvo is the excellent choice for you.

It has 29M+ worldwide users to create logos using DesignEvo, and there are more than 10M logo downloads from this easy to use tool so far. I believe it will be more. 

One of the main reasons for this result might be its functionalities and countless art resources, making DesignEvo a super affordable business tool – compared to many other tools for small businesses out there.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this DesignEvo Review.

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