How can Email Marketing Fuel your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Do you know that email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy? Yes, you might be aware of it but here we are going to answer the “How” part.

Gone were the days when marketing strategies were limited to television and newspaper. Now more than anything digital marketing is prevailing in the market.

Digital Marketing is becoming the root of marketing and now businessman is shifting towards Inbound marketing to double up the whole sales.

If you are in digital marketing industry, you must have heard the word “Inbound Strategy”.

Inbound marketing is essential to stand tall in this competitive era.

Here in this blogpost, we are going to put light on “How can Email Marketing Fuel your Overall Inbound Strategy?” in details.

How can Email Marketing Fuel your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Introductory Glance Upon Email Marketing Fuel your Overall Inbound Strategy

According to the HubSpot research, inbound marketing is prevailing. More than 70% of business organization are adopting inbound marketing approach over traditional marketing.

Not just this, most of the marketing professionals believe that inbound marketing approach results in high quality leads.

The reason for businesses to switching towards inbound marketing is it helps in reinforce the marketing campaign.

But let’s first understand a little about inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Basically, inbound marketing is designed to approach the targeted audience. It is the powerful approach to allure the specific type of customers and help them to convert into potential buyers.

The main purpose of inbound marketing is to double up the revenue and bring the targeted audience.

It helps in building better customer list and the prospects you get is for long haul. It draws customer attention by offering irresistible offers, engagement activities and much more.

What are Components of a Successful Inbound or Digital Marketing Strategy?

It would be hard to believe that how the marketing strategies were shifted from annoying users with emails to engage them to delightfully interact with brand.

Now more than anything people love to indulge themselves in marketing strategies and this is all because of inbound marketing strategy. And the fact which makes inbound marketing strategy lovable is the natural approach to engage with customers rather than pushing them.

Here in this section we are going to discuss the component of a successful inbound or digital marketing strategy.

  • SEO – The successful marketing campaign involves the right use of SEO. SEO brings original or natural traffic to your websites. If SEO is done right, it can be very beneficial and this is exactly why it is the most important component of inbound marketing.
  • PPC – Pay per click or paid traffic is the pillar of inbound marketing, it helps to bring initial traffic on your website by paying some amount for it. PPC helps you to develop the quality of leads.
  • Content Marketing – Now content marketing is the thing you offer to the audience when they come to your website. The content should be fresh and useful to convert just the reader into a potential buyer.
  • Social Media – Social media is one of the engaging platforms to develop new leads. So, it is very important to promote your content on social media.
  • Landing Pages – This is where your potential buyer going to land after tapping the call to action button. So, landing pages should be creative and focused.
  • Email marketing – Email marketing is one of the traditional marketing approaches but with the time there is so much advancement in it. Now email marketing is contributing to sales and mails are bringing conversions.

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How can Email Marketing Fuel the Overall Inbound Strategy?

According to the recent stats, there are around 3 billion active email accounts and every single day around 225 billion emails were sent. So seeing these amazing stats, email marketing is the pillar of digital marketing strategy. And in no possible world it is going to be outdated.

Now, let’s put light on “How can email marketing fuel the overall inbound strategy?”. Here we are going to mention highlighted point of email marketing.

  • Emails ensures to present your brand in more creative or engaging way.
  • You can send personalised email and give family touch to every email to build strong customer relationship.
  • To increase efficiency in your digital efforts, you can segment your audience list based on their needs and wants.
  • If you have built the email list precisely then it is the most effective way to bring potential customers.
  • One of the best perks of email marketing is you can reach to your audience at any time.
  • Most importantly, email marketing sync with your CRM. Email marketing helps you to build strong customer relationships.
  • Using email marketing you can send the newsletter, welcome emails, offers, and much more to your prospect at any time of a day.

Now enough about the email marketing strategies, the most important question here is which software to rely upon to improve email marketing.

Is there any Email Marketing Software Available to Improve Marketing Strategy?

Yes there are plethora of software available in the market but here we are drawing your attention towards GetResponse.

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing solution for all growing business needs. It is all in one marketing platform to send emails, create pages and automate all your marketing needs.

It has around 350,000 paying customers in 182 countries, so now you know the software is loved and trusted by its users.

Overview of GetResponse

GetResponse was in a digital marketing business for quite a long time. It is in business since 1988 and it gets 1 Billion subscribers every month.

The company is very well aware of the service they are providing so it is good to put their trust in software.

Using the software you can create a mailing list, send emails, automate your emails, and much more.

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

Highlighted Features of GetResponse

  • Email Creator – Email creator helps to build beautiful and responsive emails in matters of time using its easy drag and drop editor.
  • Autoresponders – Autoresponder feature of software automates all the tedious work of sending welcome and follow up emails with offers and services to customers.
  • Email Analytics – Email analytics offers precise email marketing campaign analytics. Based on that you can make the required changes in your campaign.
  • List Management – This feature of the software helps you to keep your list organized based on consumer’s interests.
  • A/B Testing – A/B testing helps you to try out different newsletters, subject line variants, email content, time of sending, and many other factors.
  • Marketing Automation – With the help of this feature, you can create marketing automation based on the prospect’s behavior.
  • Conversions Funnel – Using sales and lead management funnels, you can nurture your leads, and based on their behavior send them automated emails.

What types of Plans GetResponse Offers?

There are various plans GetResponse offer which are actually mentioned below.

  • Basic – The basic plan will cost $15/m for a list size of 1000 subscribers including all the basic features.
  • Plus – In the plus plan, you will get advanced features such as webinar funnels, sales funnels, and much more for $49/m.
  • Professional – The professional plan will cost $99/m including all the basic and plus features.
  • Max – Finally, the max plan is based on custom pricing. It means you will get charged based on your needs.

Pros and Cons of GetResponse

All our blog is narrowed down to pros and cons of GetResponse which we have listed below:

Pros of GetResponse
  • The software has easy to use interface.
  • It has excellent customer support service.
  • You can freely import your data from third party applications.
  • It comes up with free 1 month trial.
  • Unlike other email marketing software, there is no restriction on email sending limits.
Cons of GetResponse
  • The software charges for landing page.
  • As of now there is no phone support available.
  • There is a limit on their webinar feature.

In a nutshell we can say that Getresponse is one stop destination for all your business needs. It is the email marketing software that fuels your overall inbound strategy.

Other Best Email Marketing Tools That Can Enhance Marketing Strategy

  • Moosend – Send High-Converting Campaigns
  • BenchMark Email – Robust Email Marketing Tool
  • SendinBlue – Email Marketing Platform
  • Pepipost – Email Marketing Service


Alright! This is our take on “How can Email Marketing Fuel your Overall Inbound Strategy?”. Here we have cleared all the doubts about email marketing strategies and how email marketing can skyrocket all your business needs.

Here, we have also mentioned one of the amazing email marketing software named GetResponse that can surely boost your marketing campaign.

Also, if you have any query, do write us back.

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