5 Best Free Email Tracker

A salesperson’s or recruiter’s daily process would be incomplete without email. Knowing whether or not your email was opened may help you enhance engagement, outreach, and, eventually, income. However, saying it is much simpler than doing it.

Most email solutions, such as Gmail, lack the tracking and management functionality that most busy professionals require. Fortunately, email tracking tools can help with this.

Still, with so many options, you might be asking which solutions offer the finest email tracking functionality. So, to assist you, we have produced a list of the top five best free free email tracker currently accessible.

List of Best Free Email Tracker

  • Mailtrack
  • SalesHandy
  • Streak
  • Snov.io
  • MixMax


Mailtrack is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to track your Gmail emails for free. Mailtrack is one of the most convenient and easy free email trackers. It works as a Chrome Extension which is presently used by 1,300,000 people worldwide and is perhaps the most user-friendly email tracker for Gmail.

Features of Mailtrack

  • The track starts with checkmarks in the threads.
  • When your email is opened, you’ll receive an email alert.
  • Determine how many times an email has been opened.


SalesHandy is free email tracker that works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and any other SMTP server. SalesHandy’s email scheduling and email automation tools are popular among email marketers.

Features of SalesHandy

  • Mail Merge helps you personalize your email campaigns.
  • Email tracking with a lot of detail.
  • Gmail and Outlook Mail both support HTML templates.
  • Automated Follow-Up Emails. 


Streak is a handy extension for Gmail that turns it into a CRM powerhouse. You may track emails, plan follow-ups, exchange data with teams, gather data from contacts and emails automatically, and so much more.

Users may also export crucial data to Google Sheets and work on the move using their native mobile applications such as Android and iOS.

Features of Streak

  • G-Suite integrations 
  • CRM
  • Email tracking
  • Email templates
  • Mobile apps


Snov.io is an email finder and validator that has just added email tracking to its capabilities. Snov.io is now a feature-rich software that allows you to locate prospects with a single click, authenticate their validity, send emails, and measure open rates all from one place. The email tracker is a browser add-on that is absolutely free. When people read your emails or click on links, you will get real-time browser push alerts.

Features of Snov.io 

  • Real-time desktop notifications
  • Open and click tracking
  • Reminders
  • Scheduling
  • Activity log


MixMax is another extension designed specifically for marketers. Mixmax is a step up from Mailtrack in terms of outbound communication statistics, automation, and improvements.

Mixmax allows you to save emails as templates, schedule emails, and add interactive polls, surveys, slideshows, link previews, and more to your emails, in addition to email monitoring. Mixmax allows you to plan meetings with clients and consumers with just a single click by linking your inbox with Google Calendar.

Features of MixMax 

  • Scheduling emails.
  • Email analytics and tracking.
  • Save Custom Templates.
  • Email Personalization.
  • Interactive email features like SMS widgets, embedding polls, and CTA button

Wrapping Up

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to email tracking software. Sometimes all you need is a simple add-on to notify you if your emails have been opened. Other times, a full-featured email marketing platform with extensive reporting is required.

Whatever functionality you want, the best free email tracker listed above will assist you in evaluating your efforts and improving your email game.

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