The Ultimate Kaptiwa 3.0 Guide | Review and Bonuses

Are you looking for the best video hosting solution to promote your marketing videos? Are you looking for an affordable video hosting platform? If the answer to both the questions is “Yes”, then sit back and relax.

Here in this article, we are providing an honest Kaptiwa 3.0 review which is the best video hosting platform. It offers free unlimited video hosting for all kinds of businesses in a reasonable price range.

Now you must have your doubts about this upcoming software Kaptiwa 3.0. That’s a reason we are providing this unbiased Kaptiwa 3.0 review guide that will surely do justice with all your rising questions.

Without any ado, let’s begin the roller coaster ride of the Kaptiwa 3.0 review.

Introductory Glance Upon Kaptiwa 3.0 Review Guide

We are living in the era of the internet where promoting our business through video is a good strategy.

Videos play a vital role in online marketing. Almost every business is relying on videos. According to a Forbes report, it has been stated that people prefer video reviews about products over anything. Not to forget, videos offer reassurance to the audience. So, it is quite obvious if you are thinking of bringing video marketing in your business.

But somehow you get stuck in between when comes to choose the best video hosting software that can bring loads of traffic & boost sales too.

This is when we started hoping for software to come across that can actually bring sales and increase stand by time on your website. Most importantly the tool that is less annoying when comes to buffer.

So, hereby we are removing drape from one such software named Kaptiwa 3.0 which is fast lightning video hosting and marketing solution.

Basically, Kaptiwa 3.0 is one of the cheap video hosting tools develop by marketing enthusiasts to benefit all users. The software is easy and packed with different features that we are going to discuss later in the post. 

A Brief Overview – Kaptiwa 3.0 Review

Brief Overview - Kaptiwa 3.0 Review

Vendor: Todd Gross
Product: Kaptiwa 3.0
Launch Date: 12 Oct 2020
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47- $97
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

Product Link: Kaptiwa

What is Kaptiwa 3.0?

What is Kaptiwa 3.0

Kaptiwa 3.0 is a video hosting and marketing software that helps entrepreneurs and marketers to generate leads through videos. Now, one can say that it is an easy way to bring traffic or improve sales by promoting your products through videos.

And, the thing which makes it unique is one doesn’t need to be very professional while using this software. A newbie or even an amateur can operate the software.

It is compiled with the best on ground video marketing techniques to improve sales. If you’re keen on video marketing, you must have noticed that many of the video software available put holes in our pocket which is truly unfair.

Well! That’s not a case with Kaptiwa 3.0. No recurring charges or anything, only a one-time payment and software is all yours.

Features of Kaptiwa 3.0

Coming to its features, the software is swamped with benefits that we are discussing below in this section.

  • Unlimited Videos – There are no restrictions at all, you can publish unlimited videos or web hosting for video streaming using the software and gain access to new leads.
  • No Buffering – The software is ultra-fast, it means no delay in loading the video.
  • More Engagement – As it is fast, it will increase the enagagement time on your website.
  • Easy Embedding – All you have to do is to paste the code and it is ready to embed on any website.
  • Seo Optimized –  It comes up with the option to optimized a video by giving it meta title, description, and much more to increase chances of ranking. Using the software you can rank youtube video on the first page of google in minutes
  • Analytics – Moreover, it provides deep insight to improve marketing campaigns.
  • Device Friendly – Further, the software works fine on any device.
  • Genuine Traffic – The software will ensure no traffic leakage by distracting it with other videos. The user will watch only your video.
  • Ad-Free Videos – The thing which annoys us most is ad floating across while playing the video. But, that’s not a case with Kapitwa 3.0. It is ad-free.

How to Use Kaptiwa 3.0?

Here comes the best part which is how to use the “Kaptiwa 3.0”?. Now, you must be thinking that to use the software, you’ll need to be an expert. No! Not at all, anybody can use this software without any technical knowledge. There is nothing fancy to do use this software. No coding skills required.

Just follow these three simple steps and you’re good to go.

  1. Upload: As the name suggested, all you have to do is upload a video. The software will optimize it and within seconds it will be ready to deliver.

Step 1: Upload

  1. Customize: Next, you can customize it as well by inserting your brand logo, affiliate links, or link of the product in the video itself.

Step 2: Customize

  1. Publish & Profit: Finally, just publish your video on any website and watch doing it wonders.

Step 3: Publish & Profit

Simple! Isn’t it? It takes hardly 2 minutes to install this software.

Pros and Cons of Kaptiwa 3.0

Let’s put a highlight on the pros and cons of Kaptiwa 3.0:


  • It comes with customer analytics.
  • The software is packed with video training to guide you through the process.
  • Users will get a free commercial license.
  • It offers drag and drop editor to customize the template.
  • Videos have a fast loading speed.
  • It will work smoothly on any device.


None so far

Who Should Try Kaptiwa 3.0?

Okay! So the answer to this question is simple which is anybody can use Kaptiwa 3.0. Either you’re an educator or marketer or young entrepreneur, there is no boundation. If you’re using video marketing or online video platform in your profession then you must give Kaptiwa 3.0 a try.

Marketing is something in which we invest surplus money with the hope of better results. But, what if we don’t get results up to our expectation. That surely would be disappointing. So, why hustle ourselves anymore. Invest in the right thing and get results in no time.

And we know for sure that Kaptiwa 3.0 won’t disappoint you in any way. It is a video streaming hosting service by enthusiast marketer to all marketers.


As we mentioned earlier this is the honest Kaptiwa 3.0 review. Considering the same the front end pricing of this amazing Kaptiwa 3.0 is $47- $97 which is fair enough as you’re getting so much out of it.

Final Thought

That’s it! This is our catch on Kaptiwa 3.0 review. You not only get the best video hosting tool but also the software that will increase your engagement.

One thing as a marketer we learned is to invest in the right thing i.e Kaptiwa 3.0. It won’t let you down.

In case, you have any doubts regarding software or something that is lacking in this Kaptiwa 3.0 review post, then you can right back to us.

We are happy to revert.

Do Kaptiwa 3.0 need installation somewhere?

No! It is a cloud based software.

Is there any training session included in package?

Yes! You will get detailed guidance. It comes up with video session to guide you with the working of software.

Is Software compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes! The software is cloud based, you can use it on any device.

Is there any need to be technical expert to run Kaptiwa 3.0?

No! Not at all, one can operate it without any technical fees.

Is there any recurring fees?

No! Just a one time payment and you’re good to rule the market.

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