Printful vs Printify

The print-on-demand service seems to take over the e-commerce industry. As per data-backed numbers, the T-shirt printing industry expects to go up to $10 billion by 2025. 

The print-on-demand services provider is an online platform that integrates with online shipping channels which customize white-label products, including caps, T-shirts, and more, with pre-made design or seller brands. In short, these service providers sell your products by printing them on demand.

Printful and Printify are two big companies in the print-on-demand industry. Both companies are offering excellent work to their potential customers. 

It is not easy to choose one from Printify and Printful as both companies are experienced in fulfilling their customer needs. You will get an in-depth comparison of Printful vs Printify in this article. 

Printful overview – Printful vs Printify 

Printful is a cloud print-on-demand service provider that comes with all tools that need to complete your products with custom print. Printful targets all drop shipper business owners globally via e-commerce and marketplace.

You have to sign up and integrate your online store with Printful to access the service of this company. Printful has sourced in-house inventory means that printful will produce every product internally. This company will not source products from suppliers.

After you are done with publishing the product, Printful handles the rest of the process and coordinates activities with the fulfillment center of Mexico, the US, and other European countries.

Printful - Printful vs Printify 

Printify Overview – Printful vs Printify 

Printify is also a print-on-demand company that integrates with e-commerce and the online marketplace. The features of Printify are as similar as Printful. Printify gives drop shippers the privilege of creating designs, processing print orders, and more.

 You will get several T-Shirts, shoes, accessories, and more on this platform. You can print all sorts of things, including images, graphics, and text. The printing of Printify occurs in several places. Printify works with several printing companies of several countries like China, the UK, and the US.

Printify - Printful vs Printify 

Printful and Printify pros and cons

There is no doubt that Printify and Printful are considered the best print-on-demand service providers. Both companies have some positive aspects and some negative aspects. You will get Printful and Printify of pros and cons in this section.

Printify pros and cons

You must know the pros and cons of Printify before selecting it. The pros of Printify is mentioned below-


  • The extensive network of print providers
  • Merchant support policy
  • Free plan 
  • Resourceful knowledge base
  • 90 order fulfill facilities
  • Extensive data
  • Reprint and refund


  • Poor customer support
  • Limited performance and online integration
  • Little branding and customization option

Printful pros and cons

Here you will get the pros and cons of Printful. The pros and cons of Printful is mentioned below-


  • High-quality printing 
  • No minimum order
  • Good quality product
  • Customizable branding option
  • Three days of deliveries 
  • Low risk
  • No hidden shipping price
  • Automate business operation


  • Low margin 
  • Limited branding option
  • Limited location of delivery for some products

Printful vs Printify Pricing

Money is vital for every human, and everyone earns money through hard work. No one wants to invest in software that isn’t worth its price. In this section, you will learn about the plan and pricing of Printful and Printify. 


Printful is a free-to-use print-on-demand service. It means that you do not have to pay any charge to use the basic features of Printful. However, it also offers a Pro plan that gives you access to its premium features. Now, you will get to know about free plans and Pro plans.

Free plan

The free plan will allow you to customize 335 products and use 16500+ clipart images. You can also integrate with 39 e-commerce stores. You can also create product templates, design, download mockups, and print files with this plan.

Pro Plan 

With this plan, you will get access to all features of the free plan along with 480+ clipart images, photo maker, keyword scout for Etsy, premium images, and much more. You have to pay $49/month or $539/year to access the premium plan of Printful. It also gives a free trial of 14 days for its pro plan.


Printify is also free to use print-on-demand service. You will get access to basic features like unlimited product design. But, this platform also offers two paid plans. The following are the details of the paid plan-

Premium Plan

The cost of a premium plan is $24.99/month. This plan is for growing merchants. You will access all the free plan features and other premium features like custom order import, up to a 20% discount, and more.

Enterprise plan

The price of the Enterprise plan is a custom price. This plan is for merchants getting orders of more than 10000+ products.  You will get early access to new features, custom API features, and more, along with the features of free and premium plans.

Printful vs Printify Quality

Quality plays an essential part in the selection process. The print quality of Printify is lower than Printful as they outsource your orders to different printing manufacturers. This is because the quality of Printify products will fluctuate. Sometimes, you will get good products. Sometimes, the average quality of products.

On the other hand, Printful does in-house printing of all products. They also invested $50.3 in printing equipment. They perform all tasks themselves to deliver high-quality products to you. They also go through quality checks before delivery. While Printify does not check the quality as they perform the role of a middleman.

Fulfillment and lead time-Printify vs Printful

Order fulfillment means the time of delivering a product to your customers. However, both companies take on an average of 2-7 days to deliver the products. But Printify can take more time as it depends on the printing manufacturer company.

Printful offers two models for order fulfillment. It takes 2-5 business days for non-apparel products and 2-7 business days for apparel products. Although, it depends on the product that your customer orders.


Printful and Printify both can integrate with several e-commerce platforms. But both companies have some differences in integration supports.

Printful can integrate with 21 e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, etc. On the other hand, Printify allows you to integrate with seven major e-commerce platforms. That is why Printful is better than Printify in terms of integration.

Customer support

Customer support of both companies is good, but in comparison, Printful has better customer support. They offer customer support via live chats, email, contact forms, and a help center where you can get answers to common questions.

While Printify allows you to contact them via email, you can also read articles related to common problems on their website. However, they take a few minutes to reply to the email, and Printful takes seconds to respond in live chats.


Printify and Printful are both good print-on-demand services. But the answer to the question ‘which is better printful vs printify question’ is Printful, because it is far better than Printify in many ways.

However, if you want to deliver your product in the US, you want average quality of products and choose from the different print providers, then Printify is best for you. 

Here comes the end of the comparison of Printful vs Printify.

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