QuillBot Vs Spinbot – The Honest Comparison

If you are familiar with the concept of paraphrasing, you might have heard about the QuillBot and Spinbot? But there is an ongoing debate on which software is better. So if you are one who can’t choose between QuillBot and Spinbot. Here we are providing the honest comparison of QuillBot Vs Spinbot.

But before jumping directly on that let’s understand the need of paraphrase software?

Why the Need of Parapharasing Software?

The process of rewriting the original text is referred to as paraphrasing. Using these tools, you can elevate your writings, articles, essays, and so on to a level that will become unique in its own way.

Paraphrasing tools are life saviours when we have so much task in hand. It helps us to generate unique content in a matter of time. To make the content writing a breeze, there are many article rewriting software available in the market.

Quillbot and Spinbot are the top notch paraphrasing tools. But if it comes to picking one, we’ll go with QuillBot.

Comparison of QuillBot Vs Spinbot

Let’s understand the comparison between QuillBot Vs Spinbot in tabular format.

Platforms SupportedWeb BasedWeb Based
Quality Of ContentVery GoodOkay
SupportUser Support ChannelsEmail Address Only
AnalyticsAdvanced Features AvailableNo Such Features

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that is used to paraphrase your original content to make it more readable and to enhance the vocabulary of your article. It has around 10 million+ users all across the globe. And the best part about this SaaS based software, is it has its editor on the homepage. One can edit the content by simply dragging and dropping or copy pasting.

Features of QuillBot

QuillBot provides some amazing features that can make your article better than it was before, and it provides you with enough features from its free web only that you can use for general purposes.

  • Standard Mode: It can replace some of your words with their closest synonyms to make it look better. The standard feature of the software is total gem.
  • Fluency Mode: This feature of the software make your text more readable and easy to understand.
  • Creative Mode: As the name suggest, this feature of the software adds more value in the content.
  • Shorten Mode: From SEO perspective, shorten mode is very important. Using this mode, one can shorten the sentence in a way that is more precise and clear.
  • Expand Mode: Not only you can shorten the sentence but also expand its length to add meaning to it using this mode.
  • Summarizer: This tool will assist you in summarising any piece of text.
  • Word Flipper: It allows you to control the number of terms in your spinning content that are replaced with synonyms. You can do so by adjusting the slider that corresponds to it.
  • Extensions: QuillBot also provides add-ons for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs to make your job easier.
  • Citation Generator: QuillBot recently launched Citation Generator that allows students, researchers, educators, scientists, and other professionals to exhibit the richness and scope of their research while also crediting authors.

Pricing of QuillBot

Quillbot made sure to provide you with the best deals for its premium version.
Its monthly subscription costs you $7.95 USD, semi-annual costs you $4.99USD, and its yearly subscription can cost you $39.96 that is approximately 3.33 USD per month.

What is Spinbot?

Spinbot is also a paraphrasing tool that quickly and easily reword your article. It may not have as many features as Quillbot, but some of its features are quite similar to Quillbot. The software is web based, one can edit the content on the homepage itself.

Features of Spinbot

When you become Spinbot’s premium customer you get to rewrite as much as you want without ads or captcha. It does not have any other additional features, it can only help you with rephrasing your article.

Pricing Of Spinbot

Spinbot ‘s monthly subscription costs $10.00 , its semi-annual subscription costs $50.00 and yearly subscription costs $75.00.

Pros and Cons: QuillBot Vs Spinbot

Lets’s cast the light on Pros and cons of QuillBot and Spinbot.

Pros of QuillBot

  • It provides features that no other paraphrasing tool provides.
  • The software monthly subscription is lesser compared to Spinbot.
  • One can rephrase single texts in between your articles.
  • QuillBot corrects grammatical errors along with paraphrasing.
  • Lastly, it is easy to use.

Cons of QuillBot

The only con with the QuillBot is character limitation in free verison.

Pros of Spinbot

  • It’s quick and easy to use.
  • The software is appropriate for general use.
  • One can get hundreds of articles rewritten in seconds.

Cons of Spinbot

The Spinbot has less features compared to other paraphrasing software available in the market.

Comparison of Spinbot vs QuillBot

Now as you know all about the software let’s cast light on some points which helps us to decide which software is better.

1. Customizations – In terms of customization, you will see many more options in QuillBot such as world flipper, synonyms, etc compared to Spinbot. Not just this QuillBot offers many more word suggestions to make a decent paraphrased content. However you will barely see any customization option in Spinbot. Once you have entered your text, it will offer the rewrite content.

2. Analytics and Reporting – Reporting and analytics is one of the important features in the software. It helps to keep track of things. So, if you are the one who loves to keep track of your improvement then QuillBot is your go to guy. It allows you to keep eyes on the changes made by you in the content. This function is handy for keeping track of the number of words, tracking unchanging words, and testing the readability of the material. Spinbot doesn’t contain any reporting or analytics features.

3. Integration – When it comes to integration, the Spinbot software offers API access whereas Quillbot offers integration with Google Docs, Google Chrome extensions and Microsoft word. To integrate Spinbot vis API you need to know C# script, for that you can need the assistance of someone who knows his way around it. Compared to that, using Quillbot is pretty easy.


Tada! This is our honest comparison between QuillBot vs Spinbot. Both the tools are good in their own way but if you are someone who needs to be more creative with his constant then you must go with QuillBot. The tools are abundant with features, you won’t regret it. Every penny is worth it with QuillBot,

So what are you waiting for? Try it out now!

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Some Common FAQ Related to QuillBot Vs Spinbot

Are QuillBot and Spinbot Easy to Use?

Yes, paraphrasing software is easy to use. Both QuillBot and Spinbot require minimum effort when it comes to usability.

Can We Trust QuillBot and Spinbot?

You certainly can! If you meant to trust them with your privacy or virus-related concerns, don’t worry because they don’t access any of your personal information or anything, and they are bug-free. All you have to do is copy your content and paste it into the blank space provided on the site, then click on rephrase, and you’ll get exactly what you want, and it’s pretty quick and easy.

Is Using QuillBot and Spinbot Cheating?

You don’t have to worry about cheating as long as you don’t copy from other articles or end up with plagiarism difficulties because you’re only utilising the software to enhance your work and add charms to it. You may also use their plagiarism checking option to assess the authenticity of your material if you upgrade to their premium version.

Can Turnitin and Copyscape detect QuillBot paraphrasing?

It has been found out that the article spinned by Quillbot can pass any plagiarism checker. Since Quillbot changes the sequence and replaces the word it’s synonym it is very hard to detect.

What is Better Than QuillBot?

Certainly there are many alternatives available in the market you can check out this article for QuillBot Alternatives

Which is Better: QuillBot or Spinbot?

There is no denying the fact that QuillBot is far better than Spinbot as it offers many advanced features.

What is better than Spinbot?

There are so many best alternatives to Spinbot available in the market such as Spinrewriter, Chimprewriter, Wordai and a lot more.

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