The Best 7 Spinbot Alternatives – Free And Paid

If you have been spinning articles using Spinbot and now you are looking for alternatives, then your search for the one is over.
These alternatives are AI/NL-based tools that make the work easier for rewriting articles. With rising technology, these tools are best equipped to spin articles efficiently and in less time. For someone who has been using Spinbot, these Spinbot alternatives might make you switch to them.

Spinbot alternatives:

To rewrite the original text and make your content unique, here are some of the most preferable and best Spinbot alternatives to look out for:

  1. Spinrewriter– A cloud-based tool with 60% off in a yearly plan.
  2. QuillBot– Lifetime free service and comes with a chrome extension.
  3. Spinnerchief– Uses AI and has an in-built grammar checker.
  4. Wordai– Best-paid alternative to spinbot.
  5. ChimpRewriter– High-quality non-plagiarized content rewriting comes with a 14 day free trial period.
  6. Content Professor– Free spinbot alternative.
  7. CleverSpinner– AI-based alternative.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table that may give you an insight into Spinbot alternatives that you would choose to switch likely:

Spinbot AlternativesSoftware TypeFree Trial OffersCost (Per Month)

Web-based5 Day$47
SpinnerchiefBothFree$88 (One-time)
WordAIWeb-based3 Day$57
ChimpRewriterDownloadable14 Day$15
Content ProfessorWeb-basedFree$19.95
CleverSpinnerWeb-based3 Day$9.90

What is An Article Spinning Tool?

An article spinning tool refers to a modern technology software that allows you to present new non-plagiarised data from already existing original data. This tool is used with various applications and plays one of the most important roles in Search Engine Optimisation as well. To rewrite a cent percent plagiarism-free article, various spinning software is used that rewrite or rephrase data in less time to help you present it as a fresh one.

Benefits of Article Writing Tool and Software

The benefits of any article writing tool software can be counted in many ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Saves Time
  • Generates Unique Content
  • Easy to Use

What is Spinbot?

Spinbot is a free, article rewriter software that helps you to present new content from existing content. To convert your existing content in a better non-published way, you need to copy-paste your desired article and in no time, you will have a better version of the input-fed content.

Cons of Spinbot

Spinbot is one of the oldest and free article spinning tools. With changing times, things get better and so does technology. Here are some of the basic cons of why people are switching to other software:

  • No advanced spinning technology as AI or NLP.
  • Needs your manual support after the content is generated.
  • A limitation to 10000 characters daily.
  • Lots of ad traffic on the free version website.
  • Most likely to fail CopyScape premium.
  • It does not support all spintax styles.

List of Top 7 Spinbot Alternatives

Now, since you are well aware of why it’s better to switch to any spinbot alternative, here is a brief detail of free and paid software you might be interested in:

1. SpinRewriter

SpinRewriter is one of the oldest and most reliable software. It is cheap and easy to use. Besides creating plagiarism-free content and generating multiple unique articles, this tool also offers API for developers and so is considered as one of the best Spinbot alternatives.


  • Most suitable for bloggers and people concerned with SEO.
  • It has an extensive API and supports all the spintax styles. 
  • It creates the most unique content and is easy to use.
  • Copy the original content and paste, then with a “one-click rewrite” button, you can export a 100% non-plagiarized text.
  • SpinRewriter offers to rewrite one original article into 1000 new unique articles. 
  • This tool has no word limitation, and can spin unlimited articles.


It comes with three premium plans and offers a 5 day trial period too. The plans thereafter are:

  • Monthly – $47/month
  • Yearly – $77/year (Currently giving a 60% discount on the annual Spin Rewriter package.)
  • Lifetime – $497 (one-time payment)

2. Quillbot

Offering both free and paid plans, this tool is widely famous for being the most chosen Spinbot alternative by students, beginner bloggers, and professionals. Like Spinrewriter, Quillbot uses AI to create unique human readable content.

Quilbot - Best Spinbot Alternative


  • Quillbot comes with a chrome extension. 
  • The most used and popular spinning tool that doesn’t use a bot as the software name implies.
  • The free trial has some limitations which limit it to paraphrase 400 words per day. 
  • It also allows you to control the number of synonyms in your rewritten article through the equipped word flipper tool.
  • This tool also has a summarise option feature that helps in shortening and summing up big articles.


Though it is free with a 400-word limit that allows paraphrasing in fluent, creative, and standard mode, it also has a refund option if you are not comfortable with their paid version.

  • Monthly –$14.95/month.
  • Semi-Annual – $9.99/month ($59.95 for 6-months)
  • Annual – $6.67/month ($79.95 for a year)

3. SpinnerChief

SpinnerChief tops the list when it comes to creating high-quality unique content. Equipped with both AI and NLP, this tool understands every sentence before spinning and thus gives us numerous unique outcomes in one-go.

Spinner Chief


  • One of the most reliable software out there. 
  • It uses Natural Language Analysis and AI both together, so the quality of content can never be something to compromise.
  • Supports more than 20 languages and also supports thesaurus that works on the cloud. 
  • SpinnerChief has a feature that lets you share your paraphrased content with your team. 
  • If you are working on a group project, the communication and changes made become transparent while working with the team.

SpinnerChief is free for beginners though offers three paid modes as follows:
Elite Version – $175 (one-time)
Ultimate Version – $271 (one-time) / $92 yearly
Team version – $547 (one time)/ $244 yearly

4. WordAi

WordAi is known as the fastest rewriting and smartest article rewriter tool among the list of these Spinbot alternatives. This spinner tool comes with AI and creates unique content in a matter of seconds.

WordAi - QuillBot Alternative


  • Wordai comes with the updated AI version, 
  • Wordai is one of the best Spinbot alternatives. 
  • Offers bulk-spinning that allows rewriting multiple articles.
  • It is a word that helps user-friendly tools that creates human-readable content.
  • AI-equipped Wordai understands the meaning of every sentence of the content before rewriting it.


Offers a 3- day free trial period. The paid version is as:

  • Monthly Plan – $49.95/month
  • Yearly Plan – $347/year

5. ChimpRewriter

Infused with both AI and NLP, Chimprewriter is one of the best alternatives to look out for analysing and rewriting. It is a downloadable software that is well befitted for both windows and Mac.

ChimpRewriter Review


  • This software offers a 14-day free trial period,
  • Analyses articles for SEO.
  • Checks grammar errors and corrects them as well.
  • Chimprewriter is usually known for paraphrasing without plagiarism. 
  • It is a downloadable software that works only in Windows


  • Monthly Plan -$15/month
  • Yearly Plan-$99/year

6. Content Professor

Content Professor is all in one tool for content creation. This is a free, web-based, easy to use tool that comes with an online duplicate content checker. It is known to create effective and unique articles for free.

Content Professor - Spinbot competitor


  • Content Professor is widely famous to be used by students. 
  • It supports all spintax formats and is multilingual. 
  • It is free software that allows you to check 5000 words monthly.


Content Professor is free and for unlimited version charges $9.99/monthly.

7. Clever Spinner

This AI based tool is cheap and easy to use. Clever Spinner spins articles in less than a minute. Clever spinner also provides rewriting for phrases and single sentences as well.


  • This Spinbot alternative, Clever Spinner, charges the cheapest among all. 
  • It has an in-built AI that spins around 500 words in one go. 
  • Maintains a human-readable form for a perfect balance of active and passive voice used in the paraphrased content.


It offers you a deep paraphrasing just for $9.90 monthly. 


That’s it! Here we have mentioned all about the best Spinbot alternatives. We hope you find it useful. Plaese share your views in the comments section.

Some Common FAQs

What is the best Spinbot alternative?

Spinrewriter is the first choice among spinning tools. This user friendly software not only rewrites unique content, but provides human readable content too. Used by more than 1.5l people globally, this AI equipped software supports all spintax styles and offers API for developers as well.

What is the best free alternative for Spinbot?

Quillbot fits the best when it comes to free alternative tool for Spinbot. It allows 400 word in one go for rewriting for free. Quillbot also uses AI to understand and rewrite sentences that helps in giving out the most unique and human-readable content. It also is equipped with a Grammar checker and summariser too. 

Why are Spinning tools used?

To save time and create non-plagiarized content.

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