If you want to track your sent emails, then this story is for you. Here, I am going to reveal five best free email trackers of 2022.

Mailtrack is an excellent tool for tracking emails that have been sent. It is simple to use and free. It's an effective tool for email marketers.

1. Mailtrack

SalesHandy is another one of the widely used email tracking tools. It offers limitless email monitoring and scheduling for free for the rest of your life.

2. SalesHandy 

Streak for Gmail has been updated with new features and a more thorough email tracking system. You can track when and where your emails were opened using Streak.

3. Streak  

Snov.io Email Tracker is a 100% free and nicely designed Gmail email tracking extension that will show you which emails have been viewed by your recipients.

4. Snov.io

Mixmax is an email tracking tool that helps you send emails from your G Suite and Gmail accounts.

5. Mixmax 

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